Kindle – I recently purchased, due to having no space to store my books at home. A man once told me when I was very young, that knowledge is power, and reading is the source. I was told this at the age of 5-6yrs and I stuck. I love to read, one day I dream of having a home with a small library 🙂

Headphones – Music, All genres, all day everyday, wherever I travel, whatever the mood, I have music with me. Till the day I day.

Passport – As a model, I travel quite a bit, but I do love to travel, I dream one day of being able to travel all around the world, and it not be ‘work related’

Eye Liner, I very rarely wear make up, I have great skin so there is no need. But I do like my eyes to pop! I have beautiful dark brown eyes, and I want people to really see them, because they are beautiful. And I love eyes, I actually do love them, so if I stare at you for a long period of time, you know why. I have been hypnotized in by eye magic.

Clippers – Since I got rid of my hair and went for the shaved look (4-5yrs ago), each year I contemplate on when I will grow it back, what beautiful natural afro looks I will be able to create. But I’m still deciding, so I keep it short. Because even though I love and miss my hair. I love not having hair, I truly believe it shows a persons true beauty.