1.Laptop – MacBookPro 15inch – Where would we be without these life-changing machines?

2. Camera – Canon 5D mkii with 24-105mm L series lens – My best workhorse camera with my best all purpose lens.

3. Tripod – Manfrotto basic lightweight – I would have preferred to have my motion control time-lapse kit with me instead of the tripod, but this would represent more than one item. So, the next best thing is simply having the means to stabilise my shot.

4. GoPro video camera – Hero 3 – Being small enough to fit in my pocket this camera has become my constant partner when out on an adventure.

5. Voltaic solar charger case (which fits the laptop) and keeps everything going when there are no plugs around!


Sam is an ex-porn director turned barefoot time-lapse traveler!


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