1) Autographed DVF Secret Agent Large Embossed Croc Tote

This bag was given to me as a gift from Diane von Furstenberg. She is an incredible example of strength, independence, and resilience. Every time I carry this bag I feel powerful. I feel in charge.

2) DVF Love Tuxedo glittered PVC card holder

This too was given to me as a gift by my co-founder and fellow #girlboss, Bridie. What I love about this wallet is its compact size, festive design and that it keeps me organised which makes me feel confident!

3) IPhone

I know it’s so unoriginal but as a and co-founder of a wedding tech startup (I HEART SAVVY) I find that I need to be “plugged in” at all times! It drives some of my friends crazy so I’ve learned to place my phone face down (as seen in this picture) so I’m not distracted. 

4) Roses

Every Monday morning I head to the LA Flower Mart with my twin sister Helena to buy roses. It’s a way for me to start my week, a way to be thankful for a fresh start. I love roses so much I plan on growing an African rose garden in my (future) backyard one day. 

5) Nikon D90

This camera goes with me EVERYWHERE. I love taking pictures of my travels, of places I’ve been, people I love. It’s a way for me to freeze time and to live in a moment forever. I love this camera so much I used it to take THIS photo and snapped an image of my camera on my iPad. ha!

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