image11. My wedding ring. Nothing comes before my marriage. I’ve been with my husband since I was 18 and he is my rock. He’s been in my life for longer than I was on my own!

2. Keys to our home. We live in Hampshire in a proper grown up country house with our 3 children and 2 dogs. It’s mayhem and I love it. Nothing beats us all being at home, sitting around our kitchen table with loads of food, wine and banter. Family is everything.

3. My iPhone. Sorry not sorry. I cannot live without my phone. Keeping in touch with Gboyega when he’s away and our family in Nigeria and all around the world, work emails, social media, EA mobile apps (quick plug!). It just keeps me connected and makes me happy.

4. My Bucket List. My gorgeous sister bought me this book in Singapore and it’s a good reminder to get out there and DO THINGS!!! It has space for 100 items in the index and the idea is to complete each page as you complete each item. I currently have 46 and only completed 9 of them. So much to do and see.

5. My Nikes! I am a total Nike addict and only wear heels for date nights and weddings. I’ve run a couple of marathons and love to jog around our beautiful countryside to clear my mind and soak it all in. A good workout puts everything into perspective.