AJ Heath is a documentary photographer currently working and living in beautiful Bhutan. Here are his five.


1) It’s an obvious one but a camera – As a documentary photographer, I can’t go anywhere without one. (It’s a sad reality, but three of my five items would be cameras – My Nikon D4, Mamiya 7 ii medium format film camera and Fujifilm X100s.

2) My laptop – Not only is it vital for my work but as I’m living in a very small developing country, it is my only access to the outside world – e-mail, news, music, movies, skype, Instagram etc etc, without it I’d go mad.

3) My passport – Without it I’d be lost and unemployed. My work takes me to some unbelievable places and on some incredible life adventures. From photographing the Coldstream Guards in Afghanistan and the illegal distilleries in Uganda, through to spending a year in the last remaining Buddhist Kingdom, my passport is always with me.

4) A white silk scarf – Two months ago my wife and I got married in the UK. When we returned to Bhutan we had a very small Bhutanese ceremony, where we were presented with two silk scarfs by Her Majesty Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck. This scarf symbolises the greatest decision of my life and the amazing person who I now get to share these mad adventures with.

5) A digital sound recorder – Sadly another work item, but it’s key to documenting the lives of some the fascinating people I meet and photograph.

To see some of my recent work, check out his website: http://www.ajheathphotography.com or his Instagram page: https://instagram.com/ajheathphoto/