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A barber getting down on the floor to cut a little boy’s hair.

And there a good reason for it.

The little boy’s name is Mason.
And he has autism.

Haircuts can be very difficult for kids who have autism.
They tend to have issues with sensory overload.

But that’s where James Williams comes in.
He cuts hair in Wales.
And he posted these pictures on his Facebook page.
Along with the caption:

“Over last few month I have been attempting to find different ways how to cut Masons hair
He wouldn’t allow me to go near one of his ears.
And he would run away at times if he wasn’t up to it.

But today I finally achieved it where we both lay on the floor in silence & he allowed me to cut away & give him his first proper haircut.
I achieved something in a job I love (and) made both parents happy by giving extra attention to Mason by building a friendship and trust with Mason & myself.

What gave the finishing touch (is when) I asked for a high 5.
He hugged me ✂? true barber love !!

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The story of Mason and James has now gone international.
And James later wrote on Facebook:

“Mason is a superstar.
I’m so touched to have made an impact globally for all families.
To have raised awareness for ASD (autism).
Honestly I’m truly touched
? ‪#‎barberlove‬ Thankyou !!!”

To me it’s little stories like this one that make life worth living.
I’ll take reading about people like James and Mason anytime over something you might see on Access Hollywood or any of those other gossip shows.

There’s nothing wrong with them.
I’d just much rather learn about James and Mason.

Their story is the kind that makes me smile.
Their story is the kind that makes me feel good.