“I am just one human being. Out of six billion human beings, I am one of them,” the narrator explains. “Every human being wants a happy life.” This short film explores that very idea — a happy life — and makes the profound argument that the source of life’s happiness isn’t found in events or milestones, but the every day. The footage was all shot naturally — no lighting, no acting, no manipulation. Just people, just life.

“I am very excited If I have a chance to capture ‘ordinary’ people in their natural environment,” the director says about the film. “It just inspires me and moves… I see a harmony in ordinary activities – joy and sadness at the same time. Everything around us is magical… In this way, I’ve gathered shots and took some pictures over 5 years.”

You can see the video, a series of totally natural clips, edited together beautifully, here:


There’s something about these images that is so grounding and so moving at the same time — a sense of the universality of the human experience. Although the shots are taken from all over, there is a single core, an understanding that there is a baseline running through. After all, everyone wants a happy life.