Anyone who regularly rides horses always has their horses’ safety in the back of their mind. For Sami Gros, that point was hit home when her horse and friend had a terrible accident.

“Seven years ago my horse and my friend were struck by a car and that moment impressed upon me that equine safety needed to take a step forward,” says Sami. The accident lead Sami on an entrepreneurial path.

Believing the standard reflective safety gear was simply not effective enough for road safety, Sami developed a technology system to alert drivers that there are horses on the road.


Using simple LED lights she invented a clever and bright light array that attaches to a horse’s tail as well as to their front, which she appropriately named Tail Lights.



Mounted police, endurance riders and other professionals loved the system.


Now Sami is looking to release the Tail Lights Rider safety system for riders everywhere and have a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for tooling of the system in the United States.


Because the Tail Lights are made from LED lighting, they come in different colors.


The lights have adjustable brightness levels too. There’s also a light that can be attached to the front of the horse.


With thousands of horses and riders being injured or killed by collisions on the roads every year, an invention like this can definitely help make everyone safer.

Check out the video below to see the Tail Lights in action!

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