Wauve returns with his latest offering ‘Day By Day’ via EMI Records/Lost Ones. The emotive, self-produced track reflects on the aftermath of COVID 19 and the recent Black Lives Matter protests. During these unsettled times, Wauve offers a slice of reassurance and encouragement.

Speaking about the message behind Day By Day, Wauve explains:

“After the world had been hit with the pandemic, I experienced a loss of a close family member and at the same time the Black Lives Matter protests were going on. I made “Day By Day” and it helped me and my close ones get through a tough time, so I thought it would only be right to share it with the world to uplift and heal.”

The powerful visualiser is an amalgamation of compelling videos and images, highlighting the various changes the world has gone through and featuring some personal home videos from Wauve and his family.

Signed to EMI’s Lost Ones imprint, Wauve, who’s unique blend of R&B-infused afrobeat draws from his East African background has already begun to gain attention with previous releases including ‘Fee Fi Fo’ which was given approval by Ne-Yo and Stargate for sample use.

Starting his journey as a producer at age 13 With the help of a laptop that he’d found on the street, YouTube tutorials and a cracked version of FL Studio, Wauve began to replicate the sound of trap pioneer Lex Luger. Eventually Wauve began to find the confidence to begin experimenting as a songwriter himself.

The resulting sound is a unique blend that fuses the Eritrean music that he heard from his parents, with the pop sensibilities he picked up from watching Top Of The Pops, the R&B songs that he hoarded on his MP3 player and the Southern trap beats that inspired the beginning of his career. “My melodies are more R&B,” he explains of the fusion, “and I’m East African so I’m more pentatonic with the scales. I’m from the other side of the continent to most of the popular afrobeat artists, so I’m bringing something different to it.”

‘Day By Day’ displays Wauve’s versatility and proves that he is undoubtably one to watch.

Listen to the track here and follow Wauve on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube