A refreshingly honest account of what’s really going on in the world right now.

Gearoid O’Colmain is a Paris-based Irish journalist and author who isn’t afraid to be controversial. In this interview with RT, O’Colmain nails a few home truths regarding the Paris attacks in a critical and intelligent rant against globalization and Western imperialism. He argues that:

        • Europeans need to understand that the War on Terror waged against the Syrian population is also terrorism, and as long as it continues, we can expect the radicalization of young disillusioned Muslims to continue.
        • The US and its allies have created “a new kind of colonialism” which aims to “divide, conquer and destabilize” the Middle East (and eventually the world).
        • ISIS was funded and armed by Western intelligence agencies to further this goal: O’Colmain points to evidence contained in declassified documents and argues this is fundamental to understanding what is really going on in the world right now.
        • These terrorist proxy groups are then used against “nation states who reject a US/Israeli hegemony to submit to a global order that only serves the interests of a tiny and tyrannical elite.”
        • France is using fear and propaganda to encourage panic and mistrust of the Muslim population, a typical “divide and conquer” tactic to create what he calls a “low-intensity civil war.”
        • O’Colmain predicts the attacks will be used as justification for a crackdown on dissident voices, the alternative press, and activism.
        • Freedom of speech is already being crushed, with a French teacher fired for suggesting Western imperialism could be linked to increased terrorism threats and University professors being silenced. He calls this “intellectual terrorism.”
        • The recent flow of Syrian refugees into Europe, or what O’Colmain refers to as “coercive engineered migration” was intentionally planned in order to create the conditions for all of the above.
        • Martial law may be implemented while people are scared and looking at the government to rescue them, which is exactly how they want people to react.
        • We can expect further division, social unrest and the systematic destruction of civil liberties in the wake of the Paris attacks, not only in France but across the Western world.

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