“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery,” said Mark Van Doren. And perhaps the quote applies to no one better than Afghanistan teacher Saber Hosseini. Thanks to the educator’s efforts, thousands of children in remote villages are gaining the privilege to read.

As the video above relays, the dedicated teacher loads his bike with books every weekend and cycles to villages that don’t have schools. He uses a notepad to keep track of the books which have been lent out, then offers new ones when they’ve been returned.

In a way, he has turned his bicycle into a mobile library!

“Many of those children are old enough for third or fourth grade,” he told Business Insider. “But in fact… they have not learned to read or write at all. This should not be happening.” 

Credit: booksforafghanistan.org

Credit: booksforafghanistan.org

In only seven months, his bike library grew from a collection of 200 books to 3,500. And, it is projected the side hobby will only continue to grow.


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