The Statue of Love sculpture inspired by love story of “Ali and Nino” Created by Georgian artist Tamar Kvesitadze. The story is similar to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and tells of an Azerbaijani youth who falls in love with a Georgian princess but dies defending his country. The 7 ton statues start their motion at 7 P.M every day and are controlled by computer and lit with dramatic color lighting.

metal-statue-love-story-ali-nino-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-5 metal-statue-love-story-ali-nino-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-6 metal-statue-love-story-ali-nino-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-3 metal-statue-love-story-ali-nino-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-4 metal-statue-love-story-ali-nino-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-2 metal-statue-love-story-ali-nino-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-1 metal-statue-love-story-ali-nino-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-7

Please see the video below: