houda-and-halima-saadi-paris-victimsIt’s so important for the world to know that there were Muslim victims on Friday, this shows us the utter disregard that ISIL have for any religion, including Islam.

Khaled Saadi was working at La Belle Equipe restaurant, where his sister was celebrating her birthday, when his family and his life were shattered.

Gunmen stormed the Paris cafe, first aiming at those enjoying a balmy Friday night at the sidewalk tables, then spraying the interior.

Khaled hit the ground. After a minute that felt like an eternity, the guns fell silent.

He stood, and found two of his sisters, friends and colleagues in pools of blood.

His 35-year-old sister Halima died on the spot.

His other sister, 36-year-old Hodda was severely wounded and barely breathing, and Saadi did everything he could to try to save her, but in vain.

She died upon arrival at a Paris hospital treating some of the at least 350 people wounded in Friday’s attacks.

Halima and Hodda were among at least 129 people killed.

Hodda was the manager of ‘La Belle Equipe’ and her sister Halima was on a one week visit to Paris before heading back to Dakar, Senegal where she lived.

Hodda Saadi

Hodda Saadi

Halima Saadi

Halima Saadi


Source: The Telegraph UK