Now unless you have been living under a rock for the past six weeks you would have heard of the extraordinary Netflix documentary called MAKING A MURDERER. I do not want to go into any conspiracy theories regarding Steve Avery, what I want to talk about in the clear injustice of the framing and imprisonment of a 17-year-old boy who was told what to confess by the police. Maybe it is me but the police interviews leave absolutely no doubt in my mind that Brendan Dassey had nothing to do with the murder of Teresa Halbach. Worst still is the fact that there is ZERO DNA evidence of Brendan Dassey in any of the locations where the alleged rape and violent murder took place. So let me get this straight, a then 16-year-old boy who has a very low IQ is taken out of school and interrogated on numerous occasions by police with no parents or lawyers in attendance!

According to Vulture, Dassey’s IQ was between 69 and 73, while “a score of 70 is often used as a cut off for intellectual disability.” This, Garrett said, would make him a prime target for interrogators looking for specific answers to their questions. “We know vulnerable people are more likely to falsely confess,” the law professor told Esquire. “The bulk of the false confessions I’ve studied were either by juveniles or by people who are mentally ill or intellectually disabled. You’d expect people who are vulnerable to cave in to police pressure, and it’s easier to put words in the mouth of a person like that.”

I can barely imagine what this weak and defenceless boy has gone through in almost a decade of prison life, for a crime HE DID NOT COMMIT, Yet the policemen and lawyers that failed him are all getting on with their lives.

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I just hope the new visibility of this case give him the justice he deserves.

Below is the petition to President Obama regarding this matter, PLEASE SIGN THIS!