For all Steve Jobs accomplished in his life, there was one thing that eluded him – a relationship with his biological father.

Jobs was adopted after being born to Abdulfattah John Jandali, a Syrian man, and graduate student Joanne Schieble.

The couple were not married at the time and keeping him would have been deemed shameful by their communities.
Brought up by Paul and Clara Jobs, Steve is thought never to have made contact with his biological father.
In August, Mr Jandali, a casino boss, said he wanted to meet his son but was too proud to make the first move – in case Steve thought he was after money.
‘I live in hope that before it is too late he will reach out to me,’ Mr Jandali told the Sun. ‘Even to have just one coffee with him just once would make me a very happy man.
‘This might sound strange, but I am not prepared, even if either of us was on our deathbed, to pick up the phone to call him.

‘Steve will have to do that as the Syrian pride in me does not want him ever to think I am after his fortune. I am not. I have my own money. What I don’t have is my son … and that saddens me.’