A heartwarming video has emerged of Seal performing a song with a busker in Montreal, Canada.

The video, shot on Saturday, shows Jason Deeh Pitre playing “Stand by me” while Seal sings with him.

The busker, who plays in a band called ‘The Scroll’, explained that Seal was sat behind him for an hour before the singer came up to him at the end of his set.

He said he only recognised the star when he told him: “You really touched me. You have an amazing voice! Seriously. Your guitar playing too. You really touched me.”

J Deeh explained that after a quick chat and a picture taken together, Seal asked if they could sing a song together.

“So I plug my guitar back in. I’m nervous. I start playing. He sings the first sentence. An audience quickly builds around us- it’s Seal’s voice after all”, he wrote online.

“One of my heroes just listened to me for an hour. Life’s funny”.

WOW Source and credit Via Newsflare