Good Lord, there is a lot going here….


Below is Noiseys brilliant take on the whole episode:

There was a time when Tim Westwood was literally the only human being in England playing rap on the radio. This means he is important. He also has interviewed—and gotten freestyles from—everyone who’s anyone in hip-hop, which also means he is important. His stature, respect, and unbelievable access in the Britain also means that sometimes he will get drunk as shit and interview Rick Ross, who will also be drunk as shit.

There is nothing about this video that is not perfect. Tim Westwood swings a gigantic champagne bottle around, while Rick Ross says triumphant nothings throughout, such as an extended sequence in which he imagines a scenario in which Jay Z goes and buys Beyoncé some Wingstop only to end the narrative with, “…Man. I love my life.” Other highlights include:

—Westwood’s face for the entire video, but especially when he says, “I like ratchet shit” at 0:43.

—Rick Ross suggesting that London needs a Wingstop, only to have Westwood ask if he could manage it. Rick Ross then gets Westwood to admit he’s never had Wingstop before and therefore is unqualified to be the manager of Rick Ross’s hypothetical London Wingstop. Rick Ross then promises to send him some Wingstop, to which Westwood responds, “The realness of that, man.”

—Westwood saying, “Inspi-fucking-rational!” before getting cut off by Ross.

—Ross calling Solange, “A girl you could put a money bag on.”

—Rick Ross’s burp at 4:30.

—Rick Ross explaining the concept of “Rossfit,” his new, non-existent fitness regimen. He says he implemented it, “For all the sexy ladies, especially you,” and then points at a decidedly uninterested camerawoman.

—Rick Ross being unable to pronounce the name of the woman who’s featured on Meek Mill’s new single.

—Tim Westwood exclaiming, “We need to get some basics right now, baby!” at 6:01