You’ve probably come across Jameela Jamil in the headlines — not just for her starring role on the hilarious, dark comedy “The Good Place” (although that is definitely worth your attention), but for her campaign work. She stood up to the Kardashians from promoting appetite suppressants and started a campaign called ‘I Weigh”, which encourages women to define themselves in a new way — not by what the scale tells them, but by everything else they have going for them. It started organically, as just her own personal statement on the way that we view and value women — and then it took off into something much bigger.

In this amazing video, she speaks openly with Channel 4 about her own struggles with eating disorders, the accident that changed her life, and so much more. She’s erudite, articulate, and on a mission. You should take the time to listen to her — and you can see the whole thing here:

As someone who’s been an icon for years, in radio, presenting, and TV, she knows the pressures on young women better than anybody. But she’s also aware of how social media has allowed these virulent standards and pressures to spread to young women and girls around the world. She’s not just a refreshing voice, she’s a real agent for change.