According to outspoken activist Russell Brand, the world needs to address the violence within before waging war on others.

Whether you’re a fan of Russell Brand or think he should keep his nose out of political affairs, his message (above) is certainly worth sharing.

The outspoken activist recently expressed his thoughts on the topic of terrorism, and how we – as a people, regardless of race or location – need to address the violence within so a more peaceful world may result.

“What we need to do is address the violence within us, and try to create communities where these events are less likely to happen.” 

As many inspirational leaders have noted, pouring gasoline on a fire does nothing to diminish the flames. In other words, you can’t solve hatred with more anger. 

“There are violent people to both sides of this ideology and they are exacerbating, and we, the people in the middle, we’ve got to stop supporting them.”

If humans can learn to respond out of love and set prejudices aside, history need not repeat itself over, and over, and over again. The perfect opportunity now exists for every individual of every faith to embody the lessons which have been taught for generations, lessons that stem from respect, acceptance, and faith.

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