Lets just clear this up now, Adele is a force of nature and I adore her , her songs are great and she can really REALLY sing! She deserves all of her success and long may it continue but I am pretty sure even she knows that she is NO Jill Scott, I mean who is?  It is not Adeles fault that Jill is not the mega star that her talent deserves, but whos fault is it? Lets not bring up race again you say, well something is going on……I think the music business and how it promotes artists is part of the problem but also I strongly believe that the average music listener is not that adventurous and by the mere fact that you don’t have to look for Adeles music puts her way ahead of similar artists in terms of exposure, the bottom line is you still have know who Jill Scott is, in fact I am sure many of the readers of this article may never have heard of Jill Scott, and that is a tragedy.

Hello is a good song, not a great song though but imagine if the first single of Adeles new album was Hear My Call:

Now I know music is very much about personal taste but come on people, it is a far superior song!

The music industry isn’t going make the seismic changes needed for artists like Jill Scott to be a Global household name like Adele but the internet can change just about anything, all I ask of you is to give any of Jill Scotts albums a listen, trust me you will not be disappointed.

My real dream would be for Adele to use her platform to shine some light on other amazing singers like Jill, can you imagine a one-off concert of Adele doing Jill Scott covers and vice versa.

An operatic Jill doing her thing below:

Adele at her very best below… goosebumps: