Are you wondering if your man loves you? You are not alone. It seems so many girls have this issue of wanting to know if their man really loves them. Let me start by saying this, LOVE DOES NOT HIDE. Love will always show itself.
Yes, some men can be very hard to read. They may be very unpredictable. But no matter what, love will not hide… it will always show.
Take a look at these 12 points that will help you know if he really loves you.
1. This is the first thing you should know: If he loves you, he will always have time for you. Maybe you have heard this before but let me repeat it ‘no one is too busy for someone they love.’ That is true, he may be busy at work, he may be with his friends but you will always be right there in his mind. And because you are always in his mind, you cannot be ignored!
2. Another important way to know if he loves you: If he loves you, he will compromise. What do I mean? If he loves you, it will not always be about him, it will many times be about you. For example, If he does not eat Orange but because of you he will taste it, If he does not enjoy going to the Cinema but because of you he will go. He will do certain things he doesn’t do because of you.
3. If he loves you, he will always want to spend time with you. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, you will always want to be with that one person that gives you joy, that one person you love. At every opportunity, he will always desire to be with you.
4. As far as I am concerned, this is the most important one. Do not ignore this. If he loves you, he will respect you. If a man loves you, he will value you, he will hold you in high esteem. He won’t abuse you, he won’t dare lift his hands on you. Even when the argument is hot, he will be very careful. Many women stay in abusive relationships. But tell me, who wants to see the person they love suffer? Talk of always being the cause of their suffering?
5. If he loves you, he will talk about the future. A man that truly loves you will imagine a future with you. And because he imagines his future with you, he will be interested in your plans for the future. He will want to know your moves. He may even want to make suggestions so that you can be the best for him. He will also share his dreams with you. Not all men may do this but most will share their dreams with you once they see you as their best friend.
6. He remembers things about you. When a man loves you, you are always very important to him. You become a very important part of his life. He gives special attention to everything about you. He will always remember things you tell him. He will know so much about you that you will be surprised. If you tell him what you did when you were five, he will always remember every detail.
7. He shows you off. Most men are very proud! They love to show off what they have. They want people to know they have the best. If he loves you, he will show you to his friends, he will invite you to events. He will show you to his family members. Maybe not the Mum and Dad so soon but his brothers, sisters and cousins.
8. He will defend you. Men defend what they value. Don’t mess with what a man values. It will ignite his defence. When people complain or say negative things about you, he will come to your defence.
9. He wants you to love his family. Because he loves you and imagine a future with you, he will want you to be friends with his sister, cousins or anyone who is very valuable to you.
10. He will care for you. He may not be rich but in a way, he will be caring. When you are sick, you can be sure he will blow off your phones with call and text messages and without a waste of time, he will be there. So many times, he will want to please you.
11. He is not afraid to apologise. Take note, I do not mean beating you and apologising! No! no! no! I mean if there is any suggestion that he has been unfair, he will always try to make it up immediately.
12. He will tell you. Yes, even though he may be shy or whatever, he will tell you! He wants you to be sure. He will let you know what you mean to him without you asking!
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