There have been stronger men and faster men in the NFL, but there has never been a player as good as Barry Sanders in open play, no one has even come close.

Imagine what this man would have done on a rugby pitch?!!

Barry Sanders – The knock on Barry Sanders is the fact he never won a Super Bowl ring, but the guy played on some horrible Detroit Lions squads and still racked up the third most rushing yards of all time with 15,269. Keep in mind, Sanders probably would be the league’s all-time leading rusher if he didn’t retire at the young age of 31 years old. Sanders still had plenty left in the tank considering he rushed for 1,491 yards in his last season. Overall, there has been nobody as elusive or shifty as Sanders in NFL history, and he’s done a lot more with a lot less. Sanders is the best running back in NFL history, pound for pound.