We had the incredible chance to film the true story of a rare 1964 Citroën 2CV Sahara.

Last year, an unrestored 1961 Sahara was sold at the record price of 172.840 €

This is the only twin engine, all wheel drive serie car ever made. A grand total of 694 were ever produced and they were used in really rough environments (mountains, deserts…), so it’s extremely rare to find one that was restored with such passion, using only original pieces, and looks and drives like brand new.
This model was produced in 1964 and was used in the french Pyrénées mountains to check on high altitude dams and hydropower plants. We imagined the story of its original owner in its original environment.

2CV ‘Sahara’ 1964, the story of a rare french classic. from Maison Vignaux on Vimeo.

Written, directed and edited by Maison Vignaux
Produced by W2P for W2P Lab
Original music and sound design by Michael Fakesch
Actor : Francois Muller
Voice-over comedian : Philipe Crespeau
Second camera and field recording unit : Robin Cuquel and Maxime Manenc
Car : Atelier Automobile GmbH
Mechanics on set : Xavier Pinaffo and Christian Liedtke
Aerial shots by Aerial Drone System

A special thank you goes to Richard Meissonnier and « Les amis de la 2CV » for providing us with amazing historic documentation about the background of the car.
A very special thanks also goes to the technicians at EDF « Vallée d’AX », who opened their doors to us and shared their work stories.
And at last, a big thank you to Ariège Azimuth for providing us with nice accommodations on the shooting days.