Our latest episode of That Scene That Song features a conversation with stage and screen actor Sacha Dhawan about how the last year has been destructive, turbulent, uncertain and… a blessing. The discussion touches on resilience, adaptation, discrimination, not being so grateful and of course songs and films that shaped his life.


\\ Two Songs:


Abalonia by Talvin Singh

His first way into how music can give confidence and help him get into character. A time-machine of a song that takes Sacha back to a place to rediscover his own identity.


Bye Bye Blackbird from the musical The History Boys

He reminisces about an incredibly emotional and inspiring two years of his early career performing The History Boys around the world, on stage and in film.


\\ Two Scenes:


The Warrior directed by Asif Capadia

This film came into Dhawan’s life at a critical time of self-reflection and at a crossroads. It helped clarify his personal identity and highlight the path in film he was destined to take. Epic storytelling, deeply spiritual and culturally specific but not defined by race it is a film filled with message and meaning, but very little dialogue.


The Namesake directed by Mira Nair

The first film that he said that held up a mirror to himself and held parallels to his experience and his parents experience coming to Britain from India. For the first time he was represented on the big screen in a story that he could relate to.


Sacha can currently be seen in Channel 4 / Hulu comedy-drama The Great. Written by Tony McNamara (The Favourite) the story follows Catherine The Great (Elle Fanning) as she plots to murder her husband the Emperor of Russia, Peter (Nicholas Hoult). Sacha plays ‘Orlo’ who is Catherine’s right-hand man and advises her throughout her scheme to kill Peter. The series has been commissioned for series 2 which will start filming soon.


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Cover photo by Leigh Kelly for Crookes Magazine