Harriet Hoult’s story is an inspiration to all who feel stuck in the rat race and secretly wish to tap into their creativity and find an outlet to truly express themselves.

Although enjoying her job as a successful marketeer for over 10 years, working at a cutting edge agency in the heart of London, Harriet realised that there was something missing from her life. She had enjoyed studying art when younger, but like many people never thought she could make a living from it, so it was neatly tucked away in the ‘perhaps one day’ and ‘if I won the lottery’ boxes gathering dust. However, her inner voice and calling became so strong that in 2013 Harriet decided to take a sabbatical and head down to Cornwall for the summer, starting with six weeks mentoring from the renowned ceramicist Sandy Brown.

Here Harriet realised how passionate and energised she became when creating her art and that a return to corporate life just wasn’t an option. So, taking a scary yet exhilarating leap into the unknown, she left her job and started creating beautiful pieces of work in a studio attached to her father’s house in South West London. The outpouring of work that Harriet began to create delighted all that knew her, as they vividly displayed her curiosity and love of light, colour and nature; her vibrant and unique interpretation of life as she saw it as well as reflecting her authenticity, sparkle and energy through the incredible colours and imagery.

Soon, Harriet’s pieces of work were being snapped up as fast as she could create them, at first by friends, delighted by and proud of the talent they always knew she had. Word of mouth, a successful exhibition at Hoxton’s Well Hung Gallery and some initial publicity led to several commissions and suddenly hanging a Harriet Hoult on your wall was the latest trend in circles ranging from wealthy Londoners to top hoteliers and hip young professionals.

The wonderful mix of colours reflecting nature as Harriet sees it, often interspersed with vivid flashes of neon sits as equally at home in a modern white space as amongst a more eclectic home decor ­this being the real beauty and success of Harriet’s pieces. Accessible yet unique, contemporary yet timeless;this is the powerful mix that means all the coolest names in London and beyond are now clamouring to own an original Harriet Hoult.

Harriet is in demand… A recent exhibition in the US, some soon to be released limited edition prints, as well as continuing to create original pieces and commissions m eans that the Harriet Hoult gold rush has begun.

For anyone who reads this who is afraid to take a risk and do what they love, DONT be afraid! feed your passion always.

Harriet’s website is here.

Her facebook page is here.







Credit: Geoff Power http://www.fac143.co.uk/



Credit: Geoff Power http://www.fac143.co.uk/