MTV’s Franchesca Ramsey serves up a dish of Thanksgiving reality.

Every year, family and friends gather together to give thanks for each other, good food, and freedom in America. While the gathering has morphed into a beautiful celebration, the roots of the holiday are lesser known – and for good reason.

If people were taught the truth about how Thanksgiving came to be, they’d be less inclined to carve up a turkey – which is all too symbolic of the pillaging and murder European ancestors inflicted upon Native American tribes. 

In the video above, MTV’s Franchesca Ramsey serves up a dish of Thanksgiving reality. Decoded, which deals with issues of race for the digital set, tackles the upcoming holiday in its latest episode.

When Ramsey’s fictional family gather around the dinner table, she tears down American history and relays the reality about Turkey-day myths. From debunking the Native American and settler relations to explaining why the food we eat isn’t actually what the pilgrims consumed (cranberry relish, really?), she nonchalantly relays what might be a bit difficult for some to swallow.

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