“There aren’t many places in the world where you have access to such an insane collection of cars like at Classic Car Club of Manhattan,” Business Insider says. “With almost 40 cars in their stable at any given time, they’re bound to have one of your dream cars sitting there awaiting your arrival. All you need is a license and a membership.”  But a membership is harder to come by than you think. Luckily, a new video from The Mill+NYC and Kazbaa music gives you a little taste of what it would be like. It’s called Bear Mountain— and for any fine car lover it’s just a smorgasbord of automobile delights, jetting around the brilliant upstate New York landscape.

It’ll give you a taste of membership, but membership  isn’t straightforward. Firstly, you have to apply for a Clubhouse membership— which just gives you access to the luxurious space.  ”A kickass new membership and facility brought to you by the world-renowned Classic Car Club Manhattan,” the site explains. “It boasts a killer Hudson River terrace, duplex member lounge, bar and restaurant. It’s racy.  But it’s more than a location, it’s a way of life. Race, rally, dine, drink, podium, road trip, kick back and live adventurously with us through a calendar packed with social and travel events, all for about the same you pay to torture yourself at a gym.” A really, really nice gym.

One once you get that, you’re one step closer to a driving membership. Which looks a little something like this:  


It’s a car enthusiast’s dream. It’s hard not to salivate over those fine pieces of machinery and imagine yourself out on the open road. With keys to some of the finest cars in history at your disposal, it would be really easy to get carried away. Which classic car would you choose?