10632818_10153653067340210_2848196842335457047_nAre you like me? Life convinces me that I am doing important things, sometimes too important for me to care too much about what else is happening beyond my immediate interests. It is in the midst of this busyness that the tragedy happening in #Burundi has found me. I see the posts from many friends making sure we understand that there is a problem and that it is our problem- especially as East Africans. I’m glad they’re doing something about it because: I, am busy.

Then my son finds me reading a story in the DAILY NATION online yesterday morning with this picture. The picture so struck him that when I got home in the evening he asked me to show him the picture with the presidents (after some inquiry I realize he means soldiers but we’re learning many new words right now and sometimes the files get mixed up upstairs :-)). Anyway, we spend about 10 minutes of him staring at this picture and asking me questions about it.

“Why is the man in a hole? Where are his clothes? Why are the soldiers talking to him?” These he asked over and over: “why aren’t they helping him come out? Are they going to help him come out?” He goes as far as asking “when they help him come out, will he find his clothes.”

Finding the answers to all the questions a 3 year old has is hard but this was a whole new level of complicated! I just don’t know.

At that point I concluded that maybe God is using my son to bring me to the realization that I need to care about what’s happening in #Burundi and to be willing to do what I can; to add my voice to those who are pushing for action and solutions.


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