I’m sensitive to the tragedy that occurred in Paris and hope for the safety of the Parisians trapped in the nightmare. I also believe that the solidarity the world is showing with France is phenomenal. However, I am wary that this massive and unified support is only afforded to specific populations while others who face similar events more frequently are ignored or reduced to a single headline floating across the bottom of the screen. I am wary that comparatively and realistically, global solidarity with France inadvertently asserts the idea that French (and by extension Euro-American) lives matter /more./ I’m wary that the terrorist attacks in Beirut have been superseded by parallel attacks in Paris and that the amount of empathy and concern shown to one over the other has everything to do with geopolitics. I’m wary that this, in fact, happens everyday in other parts of the world such as Syria, Palestine, Somalia, and Nigeria, but societies at large just don’t care for it as they would if the countries involved were European or North American instead.





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