Building Lego for a living

When it comes to dream jobs, many of us jump to traditionally respected professions — CEO, lawyer, doctor. Maybe you dream a little bigger — a vineyard owner, a chocolate taster, a musician.

I don’t think anybody, even in their wildest dremas, could imagine having this man’s job. P.J. Catalano is a Master Model Builder at LEGOLAND. Meaning, yes, he literally builds Lego for a living. In the park’s model shop of California’s LEGOLAND, you can find his intricate, huge, and downright jaw-dropping designs. With more than 2 million Lego and 58 colors to choose from, there’s no limit, other than Catalano’s imagination. Even the specialty bricks, the ones you might have fought over as a kid, are there and at his disposal. It’s a childhood dream come true.

And what comes out of his imagination is extraordinary. Ferris wheels that actually move, farms, sharks, giant chefs — some of the models are so big and complex that they need metal frames. To get a glimpse of Catalano at work and the life of a Master Model Builder, you can see the whole video here:

When you actually see the models in action, it’s clear why some of them can take weeks and weeks to build. Who knew that Lego could be its own art form? Next time you’re thinking about your dream job, it’s time to dream a little bigger.