Have you ever wanted a grownup tree house?

Or maybe just a home where it’s clear that imagination can run wild? Welcome to Summer House. This incredible Norwegian home defies that logic and limits of architecture to create a treetop paradise.

Built mainly with glass, steel, and concrete, it sounds as though it would be an industrial or thick creation — but the reality is so much more delicate. Set into an actual cliff, the stone is built into the building with fascinating, novel choices throughout.

This phenomenon, combined with clever use of windows, leaves you unsure of where nature ends and the house begins. It’s thoughtful, it’s interesting, and there’s a deep respect for the environment around it. Words can’t do it justice, so it’s best if you check out the whole video for yourself.

Whether you’re an architecture buff or just appreciate something stunningly new, Summer House does it all:

It’s a home that is made to be admired as well as lived in — and it shows just how much you can blend in with nature if you choose to put some thought into it. The design is bold, innovative, and frankly, stunning.

You can see more of Summer House and other mind-bending homes on World’s Most Extraordinary Homes on the BBC —  although if anything can top Summer House, I’d love to see it.