“When we explore the gross side of life, we find insights that we never would have thought we’d find, and we even often reveal beauty that we didn’t think was there,” Anna Rothschild says in this fascinating video. From using Catholic nun’s urine to help you get pregnant to tonsil stones, Rothschild traces us through the weird, often sordid, and definitely gross history of some of the weirdest strangest of science. Maybe you’re someone who is already obsessed with gross science — plenty of people love online videos of spots being popped and other mildly revolting bodily surprises. But Rothschild goes one step further and explains why talking about gross science is so useful for education and helping incubate curiosity.

As a “gross kid” herself, Rothschild has an innate understanding of how the weird and wacky can lead to learning and explanations. She gets to the bottom of her obsession — and how we can use it — in this video. So many of us pretend that much of the grossness in our world isn’t there — we ignore the decaying plants, our weird skin, and so much more. But what we are we missing with our insistence on ignoring the gross? You can see the whole thing here:

Although there are definitely some gross things we should stop children from doing, we can also harness that curious energy for so much more. Rather than tying disgust to morality, we should see the world of possibilities that this natural fascination can bring. So go on — be gross. Just a little.