So many people feel trapped by their circumstance — and Katie Says Goodbye, from first-time director Wayne Roberts, speaks to those people.

The movie centers around a small-town waitress who is forced into occasional sex work, grappling with her circumstance as she tries to make her new life. And its brutal, earnest portrayal of life’s ambiguity and obstacles were a challenge and joy for its star, Oliva Cooke.

“It never felt like he was a first-time filmmaker,” Cooke told Nylon. “He knew what he wanted every single step of the way and was so trusting in his actors and knew the exact dialogue in how to present his thoughts and ideas. He was so thorough all the time but still gave me this massive landscape to work in and explore, to go as big and to be as little as possible…

These are the best types of films. I want to continue to make indies for as long as I live. Getting to feel and create and have, like, a summer camp every time you go to work is amazing. I’ve been really spoiled, and I’ve had so many of those experiences, and I want to continue.” It does look like one of those films that can define a career.

To get a glimpse of Katie Says Goodbye, you can see the whole trailer here:

How far can relentless positivity take you? Katie Says Goodbye is a study of life’s moral ambiguity and how we cope. Like all good films, it makes you feel — while it makes you think.