Sofar Sounds is an amazing opportunity to hear some of the greatest artists in intimate, unique settings — and this video with Idyl shows just what makes them so magical. Idyl’s cover of Lost On You is breathtaking and whimsical, with a simplicity that lets the sound really soar.

Idyl, also known as Barbara Hermans, first became known through her appearance on The Voice season four, before beginning to record with the independent label ARE Music studio, based in Brussels. With an unusual, penetrating voice, she’s moved fast for such a young artist, with a charming, quiet confidence that she brings with her.

This video is a great example of why Sofar Sounds is such a special project. You’re sent to a location not knowing what’s in store and then you can discover incredible artists. As long as you’re willing to focus on the music, it’s an incredible experience for the music enthusiast or someone who just loves to try something a little different. You can see the whole video here:

Modest, grounded, but quietly assured — Idyl is a talent with the authenticity needed to take on the industry and stay true to the music. Sofar Sounds does an amazing job showcasing both established greats and up-and-comers, so be sure to look for events close to you. As for Idyl, we’ll sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from her — sooner rather than later.