Issue 54

The Together, Dave and Dads edition

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The Love Europe project

Paired Up from Charlotte Regan on Vimeo.

Paired Up is a beautiful observed short film by Charlotte Regan that tells the story of two girls from opposing cultural worlds are paired together and uncover togetherness.

Lost in Isolation

From the WWS Lost in Isolation series, ballerina Nathalie Harrison on a farm in lock down.
We asked her, what does isolation mean to you:

“Keeping my fingers green, my toes pointed, my heart grateful and eyes and ears open to this new emerging normal. Becoming a parent has amplified that so much about this world is insanely beautiful yet so much terrifies and concerns me. So many people dealing with loss and the devastating effect of this virus, it’s horrendous, but I hope we can grab this as an opportunity for a reset, a refresh. We can do better by our planet and children. I’m blessed and privileged to be at home with my family, our health and to be together, something I am acutely aware of.”

The streets will speak for themselves

Dave Chapelle begins his first performance since the murder of George Floyd by recounting his horror during an earthquake that lasted just over 30 seconds but seemed to last for hours – imagine what 8 minutes and 46 seconds would feel like. In 8:46 he has taken the time to process everything that’s happening and brings us his raw and personal view and implores us to ‘keep this space open’ – the last stronghold for civil discourse.

You’re only as happy as your family

Watch the trailer for Dads, a new documentary film from Bryce Dallas Howard. Featuring six extraordinary fathers from across the globe, this film offers a firsthand glimpse into the trials and tribulations of modern-day parenting through revealing interviews, rare home-movie footage, viral videos, and hilarious and thoughtful testimonials from some of Hollywood’s funniest celebrities, including Judd Apatow, Jimmy Fallon, Neil Patrick Harris, Ron Howard, Ken Jeong, Jimmy Kimmel, Hasan Minhaj, Conan O’Brien, Patton Oswalt, Will Smith and more.

Loose on the streets of Monaco

Watch a preview of the film, Le Grand Rendez-Vous. On the weekend that was due to feature the Monaco Grand Prix, French director Claude Lelouch, Scuderia driver Charles Leclerc and a Ferrari SF90 Stradale came together on the principality’s roads for what was destined to be an unforgettable encounter.

Cover photo

The Thankful Poor, 1894. By Henry Ossawa Tanner

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