Sometimes, there is a talent — there is a genius — that gives someone an energy far beyond their years. Sigrid, who What We Seee covered with her smash “Don’t Kill My Vibe”, continues to deliver creation after creation of introspective, whimsical pop that carries an outrageous insight for someone so young. But maybe that’s because, for Sigrid, music is deeply embedded in telling stories. “I think that’s important for me with when I write with other people too,” she told Noisey. “The stories we talk about are all of our stories –—a session is about 80 percent talking, 20 percent writing, honestly. But we always try to make it a universal message so people can see themselves in it, while protecting our lives at the same time. I think it’s fascinating, with the new generation and social media — blah blah, I know you know about this sort of thing – how everyone is a mini-celebrity now. Young kids, 12-, 13-year-olds, are sharing their everyday lives and it’s quite crazy.”

To get a sense of the artist she’s becoming, it’s crucial to watch her perform live — because that’s when her grace really shines through. Between this rare acoustic version of “HIgh Five” and seeing her fresh-faced and so at ease, this video is a real gift. You can check out the whole thing here:

The joy she gets from the music is palpable and infectious. And to understand the depth of her talent, check out the spin she puts on this cover of Drake and Rihanna’s “Too Good”. She’s not afraid to take the work of two major artists and find a way to make it her own, with the hint of a glint in her eye.

It’s so exciting to see an artist like this blossom and grow into the genius inside of them. Sigrid is just starting her journey, but we’ll be there for every step of it.