BBC Planet continues to deliver gift after gift, but in this video there’s just something spectacular about its simplicity.

This video, entitled “Open Ocean” is 10 hours — yes, a full 10 hours — or pure ocean scenes. If you want some relaxing background noise or you just want to stare into the abyss and take it all in, this video lets you soak up every detail. And even though it’s perfect to zone out to, there’s something incredible about all the blue.

Well, not just the blue — all of the blues. The varying blues of the ocean, from the water itself to close-ups on the animals living below the surface, are breathtaking. At times, it looks like a far-away galaxy or a something totally supernatural. But, without a doubt, it’s enthralling.

And it’s easy to see how, for some people, it would be therapeutic. One commenter wrote, “10-hour cure for my anxiety + relaxing sounds. Love it. Thank you!”

To get a taste, you can sample the video here (or watch the whole thing, if you have 10 hours to spare):

The ocean is an indescribably vast, varied atmosphere, with a life all of its own. But so many of us feel drawn to it and soothed by it. This video is a little taste of that other-worldly place.