“I just sit down and let it all come out — and I always trust the way it hits the page,” Yrsa Daley-Ward says in the latest video of the Rambling series from Nowness. Over the course of the video, Daley-Ward discusses her process, her life in the city, her connection to (and fear of) the water, and so much more. You also get a glimpse into the background of this accomplished, powerful writer who, somehow, always knew she’d be connected to the page.

“Daley-Ward’s literary career is also marked by its globalism; not only did she rise to prominence on Instagram (her posts carried to readers across the world), but her own background is storied; daughter to a Jamaican mother and a Nigerian father, and growing up in the north of England,” the video explains. “And within her writing resides a confrontation with her own historically; specifically her history of pain and confusion growing up within an unforgiving world, while struggling to make her way as a model and actress, and working in the sex industry to pay her bills. Drugs, depression, sex work, modeling, and love both gloom and glorify the pages of her works, including 2017’s Bone and this year’s The Terrible.”

You can check out the full video here:

NOWNESS consistently does an amazing job of unearthing unique views of great talents — and this is no different. If Yrsa Daley-Ward and her work weren’t already on your radar, now you know why they should be.