For most of us, the idea of climbing Everest is unbelievable. The idea of climbing it a single time is beyond our wildest imaginations — and certainly beyond our ability. But this man hasn’t just climbed Everest once, twice, or three times.

Apa Sherpa has climbed Everest 21 times. Yes, twenty-one times. And this amazing video from National Geographic tells Sherpa’s story. “Every spring, Mount Everest draws in people from around the world to conquer its peak,” the video explains. ”

Despite the riches surrounding the highest point on Earth, the Sherpa people who live in its shadow remain poor with few educational opportunities. One man hoping to change this reality is Apa Sherpa, a child of the Khumbu and world-record holder for summiting Everest.

Like many before him, Apa Sherpa was pulled from home at the age of 12 to work on the mountain as a high-altitude porter. Now, the Apa Sherpa Foundation is working to create a different future for the children of Nepal. As Apa says, ‘without education we have no choice.'”

To hear this amazing story — and how he’s paying it forward — you can see the whole video here:

Sherpa has scaled to unimaginable heights, be he’s dedicated to providing the children of Nepal more choices and a different life. His story is an important lesson in giving back and empowering children through education — and it’s a story we should all heed.