The Truman Show was a totally revolutionary film when it came out. With a stellar performance from Jim Carrey, amazing direction, and a concept that seemed to both hypnotize and horrify, it was the movie that everyone was talking about. And though it debuted 21 years ago, it still strikes a chord decades later.

One of the reasons that The Truman Show has lived on so spectacularly is how much our own lives began to imitate art. A plot that seemed slightly absurdist became, only in a matter of a few years, our reality.

“We would laugh about how unrealistic some of it seemed,” co-star Laura Linney told Vanity Fair. “We couldn’t quite believe that someone would want to tape themselves, so that people could tune in and watch what was considered at the time to be mundane, and see that as entertainment.”

Today, that’s simply how we live, from reality TV to Instagram stories to the 24-hour news cycle. Looking back at the imagined version of this world puts us in touch with a darker version of our own reality. You can relive the famous scene here:

Looking back, it can be eerie to see that what was once an imagined dystopia bears a striking resemblance to our own reality. A good film speaks to a generation, but a great film lives on for generations to come.