The next live session from the Vype Routes of Inspiration Inside series, features an exclusive performance by The Fratellis with their new song ‘Strangers in the Street’.

The Fratellis were brought together in 2004 by an ad posted in a Glasgow music shop. Last week they released their latest track, “Strangers in the Street” and a unique collaboration with legendary U.S. soul singer P.P Arnold. The track was launched on the Vype instagram page:

Speaking about the collaboration with Arnold, Jon Fratelli said, “This song is a unique passion project for us. We recorded separately due to the pandemic and edited together to share through Vype’s Instagram. We’re glad we can still put out music despite the circumstances, and we’re thankful to Vype for helping make it happen.”

The song was written before Covid-19 affected all of our lives, but now carries additional meaning for audiences as well as the band. The Fratellis will donate 100% of their share of the proceeds from sales to Covid-19 relief funds and to provide support to the music community during these challenging times, Vype is including a link for individuals to donate through the Spotify Covid-19 Relief Fund.

The unique performance features in the most recent instalment of the music series called Routes of Inspiration Inside created by Vype which allows us to connect with musicians in a new, inspiring way. This song, and the sponsorship of the eventual The Fratellis tour by Vype, is part of a mission to bring adult consumers around the world together with a little inspiration.

We asked Jon Fratelli about where his pre-isolation inspiration came for the new track, “I woke one morning at about 4am with this song playing [in my head]. I lay there for a while just enjoying it and then realised that this wasn’t something I’d heard before. It wasn’t someone else’s song so I got up, sat at the piano and played it before it disappeared. Lyrically the song speaks for itself, it’s probably the most unambiguous thing I’ve ever written.

On working with P.P. Arnold, “I really enjoyed working with P.P. Arnold on this alternate version as it meant I got to hear the song delivered from the opposite perspective. It hit me in a completely unexpected way; her voice and character really grabs your attention. She has a voice that you could never mistake for anyone else and that’s a rare thing. It was a real joy to work on this version with her”.

When asked where inspiration comes from, Jon Fratelli suggests,

“Inspiration is like the weather, it never sits still, it constantly moves and it’s always there. Sometimes you get lucky by grabbing a little ray of sunshine.”

Fratelli once told Interview magazine, “I’ve never felt anything quite as exciting as that initial feeling when you relate to stuff in music”. The band’s latest track can be interpreted in a number of ways, depending on how we are feeling when we hear it. It certainly gives us all something profound to think about.

Listen to The Fratellis and P.P. Arnold perform Strangers in the Street here and stay tuned for news of additional content and tour dates.