Issue 49

The Song of Love and Joy in a World of Chaos, Commotion and Strife edition

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This is heavy

Josh Gad hosts a series called Reunited Apart and this episode features the cast and crew from Back to the Future. You will lose yourself with nostalgia but the real joy comes from the surprise and enthusiasm as cast members enter the group call and relive iconic moments from the film together.

Havin’ me some fun tonight

The Real King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Little Richard left us this week. There are essential playlists and performances to remember his life and work, but you must take the time for this scene from Predator: Long Tall Sally not only makes it but raises the energy level for one of cinemas greatest hunts.

The beauty of pain, sadness and loneliness

Claire Wineland was born with Cystic Fibrosis. Doctors said she had only a short time left to live, but she never lets that stop her from making the most of every day. Her dream? To be a motivational speaker. This is her story; watch her get an amazing surprise. You will no doubt want to see the full film, part of the My Last Days series from Soul Pancake.

She is a wandering star


There are good people in this world

An emotional recollection from Gene Klein who speaks about the civilian German engineer who stole food from the SS kitchen for him, saving his life and restoring faith in humanity amidst horror.


Cover photo

Paulette Goddard in Modern Times (1936)

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