“Enough” would be an impressive short film by any standards, but this multi-award winning piece was also a first-year university project — which is a simply stunning feat. Anna Mantzaris created “Enough” while studying at the Royal College of Art, already developing her felting technique, which has a whimsical feel that lets her tackle dark topics with utter joy and delight.

“I think felt and wool looks really nice in the camera, it catches the light really beautifully,” she told Swigly. “To me, it gives a lot to the character, like a softness and texture compared to, for example, a hard surface which, although easier, can feel a bit stiff.” Using these puppets, she brings to life those moments where self-control goes out the window — moments that many of us have imagined, but not had the courage to act on. It’s witty, irreverent, and deeply, deeply satisfying. You can see the whole thing here:

ENOUGH from Anna Mantzaris on Vimeo.

Whether you’re a free spirit or a pillar of self-control, there are some impulses that we bury down deep. There’s something incredibly refreshing and cathartic about seeing them brought to life — and it’s reassuring to know that we’re not alone in those twisted, knee-jerk thoughts. Sometimes, enough really is enough.