By a window, drenched in sunlight — Peter and Kerry are certainly a sight to behold. This acoustic pop duo is pure bliss, but this Mahogany Session really shows off their simple, wistful style at its best. The duo, made up of Peter Lyons and Kerry Leatham, are powerful singer-songwriters in their own right — Lyons has a background writing ballet scores — who came together and found their styles meshed with ease. This song, “They Know God But I Know You” is full of lyrical twists and calming blend of two gorgeous, crystal-clear voices.

It’s clear that songwriting comes very naturally for the pair, especially when Lyons told M Magazine about his inspiration. He explained, “I find this a really weird question, but for me, it’s just something that is always going to be happening at some point. If you tune into it, then you tune into and you’re gonna figure stuff out. But if there’s other stuff happening in the background then you don’t really focus on it as much. It’s not like most of the time I’ll see a beautiful sunset or something and think ‘Oooohh, let me just get the manuscript out!’ Sometimes it can just be listening to a beautiful piece of music and I’ll think ‘I’d like to do something like that.”

To hear the pair in action, you can watch the video from Mahogany Sessions here:

A well-paired duo is a powerful thing — and Peter and Kerry bring their own talents to the table in perfect harmony.