Issue 48

The Jazz, Beauty and Broken Heart edition

A weekly dispatch from What We Seee. Part of an ongoing mission to fulfil the cultural promise of the internet. An enriching and eclectic collection of music, art, film and stories. Think of it as your digital 5-a-day.

A broken leg and a broken heart

Ghosted is a story about a girl in love, but it’s not a love story. It’s a story about the pain of fluctuating between early hope and ultimate despair, the intoxicating revelation of love and the slow, crushing realisation that it’s not reciprocated.

A lifetime of discipline

Either a beautiful and simple short film on how to make sushi, or a metaphor for living. You decide. Either way, the animation, sound design and voice-over will fill your heart.

A musical melting pot

Listen to Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes’ album What Kinda Music and then go a little deeper with a new mini-documentary on its production, directed by Joshua Osborne.

Possessed by the desire to create beauty

The life and images of Cecil Beaton merge into a magical slide show of a documentary that captures the artist, writer, celebrated film and stage designer and one of the most incandescent photographers who ever lived.

The richest and most thorough cinematic exploration of an American ailment

Journalist Sean Burns describes Do The Right Thing, and this scene in particular, as ‘set during the hottest day of the year on the liveliest block in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant, the movie follows a bustling collection of colorful characters all bumping heads and busting chops as they try to beat the heat.

For about 90 minutes or so, “Do the Right Thing” is a scabrously funny human comedy that looks with kindness upon this gallery of hotheads, screw-ups and folks just doing their best to get by.’


Cover photo

Photo of Tony Allen by Bernard Benant

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