This is so much better than your traditional movie trailer. “At Eternity’s Gate” is a unique biopic of the iconic painter Vincent van Gogh. Directed by Julian Schnabel and starring Willem Dafoe, the movie explores the tortured artist like no modern take has done before. But in this video, Schnabel elaborates on the timeless genius of van Gogh — that emotive, evocative quality that has kept viewers enthralled for over a century. It’s an interesting take from a director who was not just fascinated by the artist, but the art itself.

“Schnabel devotes much of At Eternity’s Gate to the act of creation itself, presenting the Post-Impressionist master’s artistic process as a visceral and internal experience while Dafoe, as Van Gogh, conveys the strenuous physicality of painting,” the description explains. “The result is a kaleidoscopic and immersive film about being alive and reaching, through art, for the eternal — and about the beauty and wonder Van Gogh left behind, unaware of the profound impact it would have.”

You can get a sense of the film and Schnabel’s point of view here:

Artistic integrity and staying true to your own inner voice is at the heart of this astounding, unique film — and Schnabel handles the subject with insight and grace.