Jae Nichelle Is A Revelation

What a talent. With this amazing piece of spoken word poetry, “Brown Skin Girl”, Jae Nichelle is simply a powerhouse.

Every line vibrates with emotion. “Brown skin girls don’t get depression, they get silenced,” she says. “This is no disease, this is your birthright.” 

“I started writing because I had to, and I keep writing because I have to,” Nichelle told Voyage Houston. “I grew up a very shy, nerdy Black girl with little to no self-confidence, and with a huge love for fiction and poetry. As this predictable story goes, reading and writing became my escapes from reality; and writing became the best way I knew how to express myself. I never expected to share my poems on a stage at all. But after a teacher introduced me to spoken word and slam poetry in high school, I hesitantly gave it a try and loved it instantly. When I get on stage I feel like the best version of myself. I feel confident, loved, and free.”

You can see the entire performance here:

For a young artist, Nichlle has already made a name for herself with her emotional intelligence, bravery, talent, and charisma. Expect to be seeing a lot more of her.

You can find “She Healed”, a book of poetry from Jae Nichelle, online