Goldie Is An Empowering Inspiration For Children Everywhere

While so many women start to be taught empowerment and autonomy when they reach young adulthood or college, we’re not as focused on teaching them where they fit in the world in those early years. But Goldie, a short film created, written, directed, and produced by Emily Brundige, teaches a crucial lesson about taking up space and owning who you are — right from the start.

Brundige has a strong track record talking to younger audiences, with the hit Pubertina and other writing work already establishing her as a strong, fresh voice. But this short film tackles an important issue head-on.  

Goldie was an idea I came up with years ago that still excited me. In the wake of the 2016 election, it felt like the right time to create, quite simply, A GIRL WHO TAKES UP SPACE,” Brundige explained. “Though it took two years to produce, I still feel like it’s the perfect time for a character like Goldie; a giant girl with a giant heart. With the film, I hope to communicate to kids (and adults) that there’s no person too big or too small to be loved in this world.”

You can see the whole short here:

GOLDIE from Emily Brundige on Vimeo.

Teaching people to accept and celebrate who they are is so important — and the earlier we start, the better.