Immense Destruction After The London Blitz

So many in the UK still remember the London Blitz — a series of 71 strikes over 267 days during World War II. London was not the only city to face damage — Birmingham, Liverpool, and Plymouth were each hit eight times, Bristol six, Glasgow five, Southampton four, and Portsmouth and Hull were hit three times each, with a few other cities getting single blows. But the damage in London rendered certain parts of the city unrecognizable.

Here you can see English firefighters as they struggle to contain a massive blaze, the result of a German Luftwaffe aerial strike on the city. During one stretch, London was bombed by the Luftwaffe for 57 consecutive nights. During the London Blitz, more than than one million houses were destroyed or suffered serious damage — the effects of which are still visible today. Around the UK, over 40,000 civilians were killed. Even more were evacuated or displaced by the bombings — all in addition to the huge loss of life happening abroad during the same period.

London Blitz


London, England, UK.

December 1940.

Credit: Anti-Worlds