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The Sun Will Shine On You Again edition

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Dear Human: You’ve got it all wrong.

The marvellous and inspiring story of Captain Tom being interviewed after finishing his 100 lap challenge and raising millions for the health service. Asked what advice he had for people struggling with anxiety, loneliness and uncertainty: “…we will get through it in the end… we will all be ok… the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away. “

The soothing sound of synth and nature


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Music sculptor bichopalo builds intricate machines using natural elements including plants, sticks and water. His creations have incredibly soothing sound and motion and this one features a sequencer with an 8 note limit spherical elements that double as bird houses for bichopalo’s two pet birds, pico and verdi.

Of his birds, he says, “This two little fellas have been with me from a while, making me laugh and giving me incredible presents every single day. It’s incredible how these little creatures can emit such an intense light. If you have pets you know what I mean. They are family, pure unconditional love, no matter what, specially these weird days of quarantine is needed more than ever.”

Forget about our troubles for the night

Listen to this incredible performance from the home of Olivia Dean.

Will we soon be better, kinder?

These Times
By Elizabeth S. Moore

These times when time has stopped

When we don’t look at the clock.

These times.

These times when birds sing louder

And the sun beats on my shoulder

These times.

So quiet in the City, so few people, so much pity

The unimaginable now made real

When friends are sentenced, without appeal

To die alone with no last meal

These times.

Will we soon be better, kinder?

Will memories be the new reminder

Of days when we lived in our cells

Made sourdough bread and painted shells?

Or will we forget and forge fresh hells?

These times without rhyme and reason

Gibli films to change our season

Travel now just on a screen

Parties, restaurants last year’s dream

These times

These times when the birds sound louder

These times.

Step inside the circle

Unaddressed childhood trauma changes how we respond to the world and when triggered, we make choices that sometimes have devastating consequences including domestic violence, addiction, murder and prison.

I, too, would have been incarcerated had I not had the privilege and support system I lucked into.

Let’s shift the paradigm of how we incarcerate, isolate and dehumanize the most traumatized members of our society.

Words by the extraordinary Fritzi Horstman



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Valentino in Limo, NYC by Harry Benson, 1984


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